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Other Services

1. Outbound & Inbound tour
Provide for customer other outbound tour, which is not included in our current selling packages. E.g.: Some customer may want to go to South Africa and we can help them to arrange the tour.

2. Incentive Tour & Convention Arrangements
Design an incentive tour just for some company, which are having company trip and doesn't want to mix with other passenger and plus we also provide the service of booking a conference room for the purpose of having a discussion session.

3. Travel Insurance
Currently our company act as an supporting agent for selling travel insurance, the company name for this insurance was CGU Insurance Bhd. Our role was just to help them sell and promote their products as a middle man.

4. Visa Application
We help our customer to apply visa for them. We help them apply China, Japan, United States and other countries that we do.

Map 地图
Map 地图

   Malaysia 马来西亚
   Australia 澳洲
   China 中国
   Egypt 埃及
   Germany 德国
   Greece 希腊
   Hong Kong 香港
   Indonesia 印尼
   Italy 意大利
   Japan 日本
   Korea 韩国
   Macau 澳门
   Myanmar 缅甸
   Maldives 马尔代夫
   New Zealand 新西兰
   Portugal 葡萄牙
   South Africa 南非
   Spain 西班牙
   Sweden 瑞典
   Switzerland 瑞士
   Taiwan 台湾
   Thailand 泰国
   United Kingdom 英国
   United States 美国
   Vietnam 越南
Our Services 我们的服务
Our Services 我们的服务