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Terms And Condition

Term and Conditions accepted and agreed by Tour members:-

1. UNITED GALAXY TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. Covenants to include the following in the Tour Fare:-
(A) All meals, sightseeing and other items as specified in the itinerary.
(B) Transport between airport and porterage of one luggage not exceeding 20kilo per person.

2. The following are excluded from the Tour Fare:-
(A) Cigarettes, wine, mineral water, laundry or other items of a purely personal nature and/ or items not specified on the itinerary as optional.
(B) Passport and visa fees.
(C) Excess Baggage
(D) Airport taxes
(E) Optional tours
(F) Travel insurance

3. No refund or reduction will be made to any Tour member in respect of accommodation meals sight-seeing tours or any other services which are included in the Tour Fares but not utilized by the Tour member for any reason whatsoever.

4. A deposit must be paid upon reservation and the balance must be paid up within 30 days prior to the date of departure (Deposit is not refundable). Cancellation fee shall be imposed as follows:-
(A) Below 21 days (from date of departure) - 50% of tour fare
(B) Below 7 days (from date of departure) - 75% of tour fare
(C) Below 3 days (from date of departure) - 100% of tour fare

In the event that any passenger cannot travel on the tour because of visa rejection documentation and processing fees shall be imposed as follows:-
(A) Over 21 days (from date of departure) - No charge
(B) Under 21days (from date of departure) - Ringgit Malaysia 200/-

5. The company and/ or its associated agents act only as agents for the transportation companies, hotel contractors and other principals and tickets, voucher and documents are issued subject to those terms and contracts under which these services and are provided.

6. Every person participating in any tour or holiday organized by the Company and/ or its associated agents shall be regarded in every respect as carrying his/ her won risk. The Company and/ or its associated agents shall not be held responsible to any person as a result of the following:-
(A) Inaccuracy, misdescription or changes to any tour or its itinerary.
(B) Additional expense due to delays or changes in air or any transport services, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes.
(C) The company assumes no liability for any damage or loss of baggage, personal effects or accident. It is a responsibility of the passenger to effect insurance. If luggage is lost or damaged through neglect on the part of the Company or its servants or agents the maximum liability per baggage will be Riggit Malaysia 200/-.
(D) Deportation or refusal of entry of tour member by immigration. Authorities resulting from the possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or other causes or whose behavior and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.

7. The Company and/ or its associated agents reserves the right to alter or modify with or without prior notice the itineraries, travel arrangements and hotel accommodation in anyway necessary or withdraw the services of an accompanying tour manager due to circumstances over which the operators have no control.

8. The Company also reserves the right to cancel or withdraw at any time bookings made by or on behalf of tour members prior to departure for any reason whatsoever including insufficient number of passengers in which no liabilities whatsoever shall be borne by the Company in respect of such cancellations or withdrawal. The decision of the Company shall be final and conclusive. Money paid by such tour members towards booking fees shall be refunded to them.

9. Should there be difficult and uncooperative tour members during the tour, whose act and conduct the tour leader in charge deems to be unreasonable and detrimental to the enjoyment, interests, well-being and safety of the other tour members and the smooth running of the tour in general, the tour leader concerned possesses full discretion in deal with such persons as he/ she deems fit, including requiring him/her to leave the tour. The decision of the tour leader in this respect is final and conclusive and the Company shall not make refund for any uncompleted part of the tour.

10. Programs tours prices, services and conditions are based on the situation applicable at the time of the publication of this brochure and are subject to change with or without notice.

11. The ticket issued is a special ticket restricted to certain Airlines only it is non-negotiable, non-endorsable, non-reissuable, non-refundable and non-reroutable. Any alteration on the routing or change of date of travel by passenger is solely at his/ her own risk. The Company and/ or its associated agents shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expenses incurred.

12. The sole responsibility of any airline used in the tour is limited to that set out in the passenger contract evidenced by the ticker Airlines are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their aircraft.

13. the information in this brochure is correct to the best of the Company's knowledge at the time of going to print but, the Company cannot guarantee that any item or amenity mentioned will always be available especially where the Company ha no direct control over it.

*Notes: All information contained herein is subject to change without prior notice.

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Map 地图

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